Crazy Train Flyball Team is a competitive and fun flyball team.

Our team members are more than just teammates they are family.

We work hard to get the best out of each dog/handler team to be the best we can be.


We are located in Arizona and we attend all instate flyball tournament as well as

any tournament occurring in Region 6 and some in Region 19.

(Region 6- Utah, Nevada, Arizona & Southern California; Region 19-Colorado and New Mexico)

  • 07/29-30/23 (La Mirada, CA) Flyball Tournament hosted by Surf City Flyball-NAFA Region 6, mats

  • 09/02-03/23-(Grand Junction, CO) Flyball Tournament hosted by Westside Woofers-NAFA Region 19, grass
  • 10/20-22/23-(Indianapolis, Indiana) CanAm Flyball Tournament-NAFA Tournament, mats

  • 11/2023-(Chandler, AZ) Woofstock hosted by Arizona Supercharged-NAFA Region 6, grass
  • 12/02-03/23-(Ramona, CA) Jingle Bell Flyball Tournament hosted by SD Flyball-Ufli, mats

  • 05/06-07/23 (Albuquerque, NM) Flyball Tournament hosted by Bad Company-NAFA Region 19, mats
  • 04/21-22/23-(Lindsay, CA) Flyball Tournament hosted by SoCal Frequent Flyers-NAFA Region 16, mats
  • 02/18-19/23-(Peoria, AZ) Flying High Flyball Tournament hosted by Crazy Train Flyball-NAFA Region 6, mats

  • 01/21-22/23-(Casa Grande, AZ) Jail Break Flyball Tournament hosted by K9 Outlaws-Region 6, mats

  • 01/15/23-(Mesa, AZ) Team Holiday Party