Please support our team by providing a donation to Crazy Train Flyball Team!

Founding member Mary Dees with Paige

Crazy Train Flyball Team is a non-profit social club.  Training fees, team fees, and any other money given to Crazy Train goes towards the cost of running the team.  All of the money earned or gifted to our club goes right back into the club for the benefit of the dogs and their owners.  We use donations and other funds to help buy and maintain the team flyball equipment, insurance, website costs, tournament fees, rental car fees for longer trips to carry the dogs etc.   Flyball is a team sport and we work together to support each other and each other’s dogs.  We don’t have a “team trainer” that is working at making a living at this.  Instead it is the bond and friendships we make with each other and our dogs that makes it all worthwhile.