Crazy Train Flyball invited to compete in the FCI2020 in Lommel, Belgium

On Sunday, September 3, 2019, the North American Flyball Association, (NAFA) announced the following:

The second running of the FCI hosted World Cup of Flyball is set to run May 23rd and 24th in Lommel, Belgium. Each country is originally allotted 4 teams to send to the World Cup. The NAFA Board of Directors has unanimously approved thefollowing 6 clubs which applied to represent their respective countries of Canada and the United States, and NAFA:

Representing Canada at the World Cup of Flyball will be:

SpringLoaded, Region 2, Ontario

Representing the United States:

Animal Inn, Region 3, Minnesota

Crazy Train, Region 6, Arizona

Engage, Region 7, Washington

Unorthodogs, Region 7, Washington

Last, but not least, also representing the United States is defending World Champions: Fur Fun, Region 9, North Carolina. 
Fur Fun receives an automatic invite as defending champion, which provides the USA an additional team.s defending champion, which provides the USA an additional team.

Apparently only a total of 50 teams were invited to attend from around the world.  Obviously, we are ecstatic!  Once the invite was received we had a day to think it over to decide if it was really something we wanted to do.  It took us just a couple hours to confirm with all our members.  We will be taking six dogs on a trip of a lifetime.

Now the planning begins!

Now that we have accepted the inventation we have taken on the huge task of figuring out how we will get the dogs and our members to Lommel, Belgium for this epic event.  One of the biggest challenges we have is that being from the Valley of the Sun we have flight restrictions regarding temperatures in May.  Our team has been researching which states we can fly out of that would have cooler temperatures,  provide the least amount of travel times for the dogs in the air, and are affordable.

Many of the dogs will now need airline approved crates as well as fees for obtaining the appropriate travel paperwork, and will also have to pay for vet visits to meet the travel requirements.   There is also the issue of figuring out how we will get the team flyball box,  which is a huge 42 lbs awkwardly shaped box overseas and back, along with all the other team equipment.  The team will be looking at expenses that will include vet visits, shots, paperwork for travel, pet flight fees, rental cars etc.   The team is looking to raise funds to help cover the dogs expenses for the trip.  In the upcoming months we will be doing several fundraisers to help with costs.

If you would like to donate to Crazy Train Flyball team, you can through PayPal.  Remember we are a non profit social club 501c(7) and all our proceeds go back to into the the club, equipment and team expenses.  We appreciate your donation.