2018 Stay the Course

Unfortunately, we did not take take a team photo in 2018.  People were missing and plans were made to have it taken later but then it never ended up happening.

Our team struggled with injuries which created new challenges for us in planning for tournaments and putting together line ups.  Luckily because the team has grown we do have a lot of depth and we were able to find the dogs and put together the teams we needed for each of the tournaments.  We made new friends that we loved running against and with on Open!

We once again achieved Regular and Multibreed Regional Champions for Region 6.

Jeff Wright began working towards his judge certification.

Our team thought about taking the year off CanAm but the desire to go back was just too great.  Once again we had completely different dogs in our line ups.   We experienced a last minute injury the week of CanAm and we had to once again juggle our line ups.  Fortunately, we were able to pull together two teams.   One Regular and one Multibreed.

2018 Multibreed Division 2 Champions and once again had a ton of fun!

Goals for 2019:

  • Train our ever growing number of puppies
  • Implement Weekday practices
  • Run competitive teams that will compete for Regional Regular and Multibreed Champions.