2017 Keep On Rolling

2017 Back: Wendi,Danielle, Aeryun, Cyndi, Tim, Darrell, Mary, Heather, Laura, Dave Bottom: Meagan, Kellye, Chella, Kathy, Judy, Jennifer

Our year started out great again.  Our tournament did well.  Originally we were worried about moving the location but it turned out to be the best decision ever since were were able to avoid the sun in the parking garage.

Hosting the seminar with Julie Norman Jenkins turned out to be a huge success.  We learned tons of information as did other teams that came out and participated.

We not only defended our title of Region 6 Multi-breed Champs but we went on to do well in Regular.

2017 Region 6 Regular Champions

2017 Region 6 Multi-breed Champions

This year we took 4 teams to Can-Am, with high hopes and lots of dreams we traveled to Indiana, Indianapolis.  This year we tried really hard to have solid teams across the board.  We were fierce competitors in each of our divisions but yet again it was the Multi-breed team that brought home the trophy.

2017 Division One Multi-breed Champions

Back: Jeff, Meagan, Chella, Tannis, Mary, Judy, Karen Front: Heather, Laura, Marshell, Tim, Wendi Dogs: Kya-ACD, Bullett-JRT, Cassie-Lab, Secret-BC, Jaxx-Mix

This was an unexpected win since the only dog that was a repeat from 2016 was our faithful height dog Bullett.  All the other dogs on the team had not run in the 2016 Multi-Breed Division One Team.

Goals for 2018

  • Continue working towards Regional and Multibreed Regional Champs.
  • Be invited to the CanAm Classic competition at a CanAm Event.
  • Spend more time with our family.