2016 A Dream Is Made

2016 Back: Darrell, Judy, Kathi, Aeryun, Kellye, Cyndi, Nicole, Laura, Brenda, Mitch, Jennifer, Dave Front: Meagan, Mary, Chella, Danielle, Kaylee, Heather, Kaitlin-August 2016

At the beginning of the 2016 NAFA racing year we made 3 goals for our team:

  • The first goal was to host our first tournament. Although many of our members come from other teams nearly none of them had hosted a tournament before.  In March of 2016 Crazy Train Flyball hosted their first tournament “Flying High” in Peoria, AZ.   The tournament turned out to be a success.  The funds made helped buy a team minivan to carry equipment.
  • Our Second goal was to compete for Regional Points for either Regular or Multibreed Divisions in NAFA. Little did we know then what we would be able to accomplish. Our Multibreed team went on to accomplish so much more.

2016 NAFA Multi-Breed Champions

This was a huge accomplishment that we didn’t plan on even attaining at the beginning of the year.  About half way through the year we saw this was something we might actually be able to achieve if we continued to do well.  To earn his we had the 6 fastest averaged runs per weekend in all of NAFA.

Although we couldn’t have achieved all that we did without our whole team.  The dogs pictured were the main Multi-breed team for the 2016 racing year.  Bullett-JRT, Rumor-BC, Raven-Whippet, YETA-Mix

2016 Region 6 Multi-Breed Champions

And our final goal was to take at least one team to CanAm, the biggest Flyball tournament in the country. When we started this, CanAm seemed like it was a dream that may or may not actually come true.  However, as the year progressed we knew we had to go.  Not only did we end up going with the Multi-breed team but we also put together a second team.  Although both teams performed well our Multibreed team went on win the 2016 Division One Multibreed Championship.

Back: Tannis, Marshall, Meagan, Dave, Laura, Jeff Front: Judy, Kathi, Chella, Heather-October 2016, CanAm
Back: Boxloader: Chella Middle: Kathi, Heather, Meagan, Dave Front: Whippet: Raven, Mix: Kaze, BC: Rumor, JRT: Bullett-October 2016 CanAm

2016 Division One Multi-breed Champions

Although we worked to run with consistency and usually ran the same dogs in many of the tournaments we had many team dogs help out on the Multibreed team throughout the year.  We also realize that we achieved these goals because of the commitment from all of our members.  Everyone helped and it is because of that we exceeded our expectations.

Goals for 2017:

  • Host Flying High Again Tournament in March
  • Host Flyball Seminar with Julie Norman Jenkins
  • Compete for Regional Points in both Regular and Multi-breed