Flyball Training Class

Almost Any Dog Can Learn to Play Flyball.

When Crazy Train offers classes they run for 6 weeks on Sunday mornings.

We offer 3 levels of classes. Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. These classes are intended to teach the Flyball pattern to the dog and handler. Depending on the dog, it can take much more practice for them to be able to perform the pattern with other dogs and distractions.

The amount of practice done outside of class will have an impact on the amount of time it takes for the dog to learn Flyball. While it may be difficult to perform some of the necessary actions outside of class, there are many things including building motivation that can be practiced at home.

The best way to introduce your dog to Flyball is to take an Introductory Class.

The Introductory Class:

Building Motivation-All training is reward based. Building the value of the reward results in more consistent and faster racing dogs.
Introducing the Jumps- The jumps are trained in reverse order in a system known as “back-chaining”. The dog gets a reward every time it finishes the action.
Introduction to the Box- The Flyball box is the center of of the run. It is essential that the dog be comfortable with the box and box loader.
The Swimmer’s Turn- The dog is taught to do a turn off the Flyball box that is similar to a swimmer. This increases speed and reduces stress on the dog’s body.
Retrieving the Ball- Flyball is, at its core, a game of fetch. Many dogs will retrieve a ball that is thrown but for them to succeed at Flyball they must be able to retrieve a dead ball.

In the Intermediate Class:

Refining the Box Turn- This is one of the most important parts of the run so nearly every week we work on it.
Getting the Ball from the Box- We introduce the ball in the box letting the dog grab it.
Distractions- We will have distractions, either non-reactive dogs or other things that may be a problem for that dog. During racing the dog must perform with a dog in the other lane. Using distractions we desensitize the dog.

Advanced Class:

Put the Actions Together- Using back chaining we start to put the actions together. The dog should be able to complete a run.
Introduce Passing- Teach the dog the fundamentals of passing into another dog. The race is a Relay race so 4 dogs must all run together.
Introduce Racing- Work with the dogs and handlers racing against a dog in the other lane.